The waters in Costa Rica provide the perfect temperature for inshore/Offshore fishing. Sports fishers can head to the Pacific Coast of Central America to hunt for a variety of amazing fish, that include three types of marlin  (Black marlin, blue marlin and striped marlin). You will also find Pacific and Atlantic sailfish fishing and it might be challenging, but it is also the most rewarding. If you want to fish for Sailfish, you need to be prepared for its lightning speed, large size, and spirited fight. You will also catch yellow-fin tuna, dorado(Mahi-Mahi)and trophies like roosterfish and cubera snapper, and wahoo. Dreamboats Costa Rica offers the best experience to sports fishers who are looking for a company that goes out of its way for its clients.

Fish Species



The marlin is legendary, immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea,"

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Sail Fish

Sailfish is one of the best trophy fish because they are plentiful, exhibit massive jumps and tail walks when hooked



Wahoo with their speed reaching 60 miles per hour are considered as one of the fastest fish in the entire ocean.



Grouper, like snapper, appears to have an infinite number of sub-categories. Grouper, a member of the sea bass family


Cubera Snapper

Cubera snapper is commonly known as Cuban snapper, Caranho in Portugal, Vivaneau Cubéra, Pargo (Pargo Cubera, or Pargo Cabello), Gray Snapper, and Caranha


Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are found in warm tropical waters all around the world



The Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) are one of the most identifiable fish in the ocean because of its brilliant green, blue, and yellows shades.

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Roosterfish are one of the world's most sought-after inshore gamefish. They are fierce, have great fighting strength, and make for stunning photographs.



Jacks are one of the world's fiercest fighting inshore species and make an excellent light tackle species. Jacks are very varied and have a wide range.