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Grouper deep sea fishing in costa rica

About the grouper

Belonging to the family of Serranidae, the Grouper is a large-mouthed and heavy fish. Grouper fish have a large body and are not suitable for fast and long-distance swimming. Because of their weight and body shape, they are less active compared to other subfamilies. They have the unique ability to change colors and patterns and are generally found in warm waters of the pacific coast of costa rica. Groupers exist both in shallow water as well as deep waters. The difference between them lies in color. The ones who live deep inside are generally more reddish. Groupers are mainly food fishes, but they are also sport fishes for anglers and what helps make costa rice such a sport fishing destination.


Speed and Size

Grouper fish are generally big and heavy. There are different kinds of grouper fish, and the weight differs. The Goliath Grouper is one of the largest and most famous. Goliaths can grow up to 8.2 feet, and their weight can reach 1000 pounds. However, on average, Groupers weigh around 400 to 500 pounds. Groupers, as previously mentioned, are slow in nature. They are not at all speedy and therefore are easy to catch.

Life span

The life span differs from one type of Grouper to another. On average, groupers live for around 5 to 10 years. This often differs, and many can live beyond that as well. Most groupers reach reproductive maturity very fast, within the first few years of their life. Just like their general speed, groupers grow pretty slowly as well. 

Physical appearance / notable characteristics

Groupers are large and have stout bodies. They have giant mouths and look different from other species from the same family. The length of their body can be around 1 to 1.5 feet but can also go up to 2 feet. You can find the various giant varieties that are much bigger in deeper waters. Many people think that the Grouper looks unfriendly. It is because of the shape of its mouth, which resembles a human frown. This big fish also has significant and potent gill muscles. The color of Grouper fish differs, but some of the most common ones include brown, olive, and black with some lighter blotches around their bodies. 

A Good Catch

Grouper fish are generally very slow and steady regarding best fishing charters. However, because of its size, it might fight the one trying to catch it. It might also be challenging to grasp the fish once you hook it. However, the best way to catch a fish that is so big is by using the trolling or hooking technique. Once you find the perfect area for groupers, you can use live bait tied to a hook or drop big baits in the water. It will attract the groupers and bring them near the surface. Once they do that, it becomes easier. 

Peak Season

The best time to hunt for Grouper fish is the month of May through October. The weather conditions are perfect for keeping the Grouper fish near the shores of Los suenos. The best times to go fishing for Grouper are early in the morning or late in the evening, then retiring for drinks at los sueños resort. 

Fun Facts

Groupers are protogynous hermaphrodites. To break it down, they are female at the beginning and transform into males later on. 

Commonly asked questions

  • Does Grouper have a season? 

Not really. There are no fixed times of the year, and they can do fishing all year round.

  • Is it illegal to catch Grouper fish?

Since 1990, catching a Goliath grouper has been banned. When it comes to the other ones, there are no such restrictions. However, it is always good to check your state guidelines before going on a costa rica fishing trip. 

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