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The Roosterfish is a popular inshore gamefish. It is known for its aggressive nature. Sports fishers find its incredible fighting power to be the perfect reason to hunt it. Since its dark red meat is not as tasty, many anglers simply practice catch-and-release techniques, which help preserve its population. Its powerful runs make it hard to catch. Its unique dorsal fin makes it instantly recognizable in the sea. Although the dorsal fin remains at rest most of the time, it is raised when it becomes excited. You can find Roosterfish in a variety of colors, including black, purple, and blue. It is known for following schools of baitfish.

Best Places to Fish for Roosterfish

Even though you can find the Roosterfish in various parts of the globe, there are certain places where you will find them in abundance. If you want to travel to catch this gamefish, you should head to the following places.

1. Los Sueños, Costa Rica

If you want to fish for Roosterfish, then Los Sueños in Costa Rica is the ideal place. Most Roosterfish prefer the warm waters of the Central American country. You can expect to find species that weigh anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds in the area. The best thing about hunting for Roosterfish in Costa Rica is that there is no law that prevents you from catching the fish. This means that you get to keep the catch and eat it.

If you have met anyone who has fished for Roosterfish, the chances are that they will tell you to catch the fish in Central America. The warm Eastern Pacific waters of Costa Rica are a favorite among the species. Hence, you need to book a boat with Dreamboats in Costa Rica for the best experience.

2. Panama

Another great spot to fish Roosterfish is Panama. Its rocky islands and reefs are filled with fish species. Since the species only travel under 300 miles in its lifetime, it only travels to Panama from Costa Rica. Otherwise, you will only find it in the country. Fishing for the fish is much more affordable in Costa Rica than in Panama, as Panama can cost you more.

Roosterfish Favorite Food

The Roosterfish is known for its diverse appetite. It normally feeds on smaller fish such as blue runners, small bonito, mullet fish, and sardines. The fish chases its prey for a long time until it feeds on it. This reveals its stubborn and aggressive nature. 

Best Ways to Fish for Roosterfish

Fishing for Roosterfish requires patience and effort. If you are not patient, you will be unable to catch the fish species. The following tips will help you fish for Roosterfish.

1. Lures

One of the ways that you can catch Roosterfish is by using lures. However, you need to keep in mind that most Roosterfish are not easy to land using lures. A lot of the time, they simply follow the lure and turn away. Only when you use big pops can you expect to catch it. You can also use jigs and plugs as they can be effective at times.

2. Baits

For an easier way technique to catch the Roosterfish, you should use baits. Live baits are more effective than lures when it comes to fishing Roosterfish. Even dead baits can work at times. But, you should stick to live baits to maximize your chances of catching this aggressive fish. It is common for the Roosterfish to play with the bait for some time before engulfing the bait so that you can pull the hook. Therefore, you must be patient if you want to catch this fish species. You should use small fish in the jack family as bait, such as Lookdowns and Ladyfish. 

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