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The Blue Marlin - Everything you should know
The Blue Marlin is one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean known for its size. This magnificent fish spends most of its life out at sea. Considered the most recognized fish, its cobalt blue body and spear-shaped upper jaws make it stand out. Preferring to live a life in solitude, this incredible predator has been left alone since its birth. Mother Blue Marlins lay eggs in the open water, which float along the sea until they hatch without any parental care. Then, the fish spends its life alone, far away from land. 
Swimming long distances are typical among the Blue Marlin. It swims thousands of miles in its life. Although it feeds at the surface, it enjoys feasting on squid. Blue Marlins swim through schools of tuna and mackerel at full speed to catch prey. Then, it goes back to the school to eat stunned victims. The Blue Marlin has an average life of 18 years for males and 27 years for females. It has a size of up to 14 feet and weighs up to 1,985 pounds. As the largest of the Atlantic Marlins, Blue Marlin females are much larger than their male counterparts.   

Best Places to Fish for Blue Marlin
The Blue Marlin put up a tough fight when hooked. Sport fishers frequently catch these rare marine monsters. The Japanese consider their meat as a delicacy and serve it raw as sashimi. The fish can be found in the warm surface waters of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. Sports fishers from across the globe have been fishing for Blue Marlins since the beginning of the 20th century. Ernest Hemingway even wrote about his offshore fishing travels. If you are interested in fishing for Blue Marlins, you need to head to the following places. 

1. Cairns, Australia
One of the best-suited places to catch Blue Marlins is Cairns, Australia. It is usually caught during the chillier months of September to January in the region. Located on the Great Barrier Reef means taking in the area's beauty while fishing for the legendary fish. It is easy to book a charter in Cairns to head to the selected offshore fishing grounds.   
2. Kona, Hawaii 
Another great place to hunt for Blue Marlins is Kona, Hawaii. Anglers visit the coastal region to get their hands on the fish. Kona's breathtaking white sand beaches are the perfect place to set anchor and hook these mighty beasts. The best time to fish for Blue Marlins in Kona is from April to September. Therefore, you must visit the Big Island when the weather gets warm.

3. Madeira, Portugal 
The next place to fish Blue Marlins is Madeira, Portugal. If you reside in Europe, there is no better place to head than this Portuguese island. You will find it to be a promising spot in the Atlantic. It is common to catch a thousand-pound Blue Marlin at the island. May through August is the ideal time to go Blue Marlin fishing. 

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico
If you are a resident of the East Coast, you can easily hop on a plane and fly for a few hours to reach San Juan. It is a popular destination among sports fishers. Every summer, Blue Marlin's flock near the island. Head sixty miles from St. Thomas to reach the ideal spot for some great catch. The booming Blue Marlin population is a great place to drop your anchor. The best part is that the population has reached epic proportions in terms of size. The San Juan International Billfish Tournament is held every August to celebrate the heaviest Blue Marlin catch. 

5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas is also a famous fishing spot for Blue Marlins. The southern tip of Baja, California, is where the most Blue Marlin is caught. The once-sleepy fishing village has become a popular destination for those in search of the mightiest Blue Marlin. You can rest assured that the blue Pacific waters will offer plenty of fish.  
Blue Marlin Favorite Food
Blue Marlins follow warm ocean currents. They usually feed on tuna and mackerel. However, squids are a favorite among the fish. Being the fastest fish in the ocean allows them to use their spears for slashing through dense schools to eat wounded victims.  

Best Ways to Fish for Blue Marlin

A plethora of fishing techniques can be used to catch Blue Marlins, as mentioned below. 

1. Trolling
Trolling is the most productive method as it lures the fish. You can easily catch a Blue Marlin by trolling four large lures. You can rely on two from the outriggers and the other two from the transom. Fathom, Coggins, Black Bart, and Mold Cart are some of the most popular lure brands. The biggest fishing spread comprises larger and more active lures that are fished to the boat. As for smaller lures, they are farther away from the outriggers. Professionals use different colors depending on the weather conditions to lure the Blue Marlin. A single large hook is used to lure the fish. Artificial lures are used because they allow you to troll at a much higher speed. But, the hook-up to release ratio with lower lures.  

2. Natural Bait
Another great way to fish for Blue Marlin is by using natural bait. You can use baitfish like bonito, mackerel, mullet, and ballyhoo. These are carefully rigged to ensure that they are still alive. Circle hooks are commonly used for this type of fishing as they lodge into the fish's mouth. It is a much safer technique as it reduces gut-hooking. Fishing with natural bait allows you to catch some of the best fish. However, the amount of ground you can cover is limited as these baits have to be slow-trolled. But, the bait does an incredible job at attracting Blue Marlins for a greater distance.  

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