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You can find Wahoo or Acanthocybium solandri throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a scombrid fish and famous among sports fishers (high-quality flesh and also a speed. You can find plenty of them throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. One of the famous common names of Wahoo is Ono. That is how most people know the fish. Wahoo is a dangerous predator and often preys on schooling fish and destroys them within a few moments. Most of its power lies in the shape of their bodies and their set of teeth. They are also very aggressive and active. 

Speed and Size

Wahoo has a streamlined body. The size of a Wahoo differs a lot and can go up to 2.5 meters. On average, they weigh around 50-70 kg. Due to their streamlined body, Wahoos can pick up a great speed in a few minutes. It can reach 48 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest ocean fish ever. 

Life span

Wahoo grows up quickly and has a life span of around nine years. The attainment of maturity differs, but on average, a male Wahoo reaches sexual maturity at the size of 2.8 feet. A female reaches sexual maturity around the time it comes 3.3 feet. 

Physical Appearance/Notable Characteristics

Wahoo is a predatory fish and is torpedo-shaped. They also have a set of razor-sharp teeth, and they utilize them to eat fish that are bigger than themselves. It is because they can reduce the big fish into bite-sized pieces with their serrated teeth. The appearance is exquisite, their upper body is a combination of blue and green, and one can identify them through the bright luster of these two colors. Towards their belly, the color changes and becomes silver. On the side of their streamlined body, they also have blue stripes, somewhat signature in nature. 

A Good Catch

There are several ways in which one can catch Wahoos. However, trolling and jigging are the best ways. It can also occur onshore. You must make sure that you have all the right gear because Wahoo is a speedy fish, and it is easy to miss a chance. 

Peak Season

The best time to go Wahoo hunting can be winter and summer. You can catch the best of the lot, during August and September. However, during the winter months from October to February, people catch Wahoo accidentally while on the lookout for Sailfish. But, if you can find a clean water edge with a depth of 200 to 400 feet, you can go for a Wahoo catch very quickly.  

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Wahoo that you will love. 

  1. The word Wahoo or Ono means "delicious" in Hawaii. 

  2. Although most fully grown adult Wahoos prefer to be alone or in small groups, they tend to form large groups during the mating season. 

  3. Another exciting thing about Wahoo is that when they are excited or sense danger, they can flash different colors and display dark-colored bars to confuse the prey or the predator. 


Commonly Asked Questions

  • Are Wahoo and Mahi the same fish?

No, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi are entirely different fish. They have distinctly different tastes as well. While Wahoo is great for neutral flavors, Mahi Mahi is sweeter. Mahi flakes are small and moist, whereas Wahoo flakes are large and circular.

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