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Dreamboats Costa Rica  Fishing Report

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April 2024 Fishing Report


Welcome to the April 2024 Fishing Report from Dreamboats Costa Rica! As April arrives at Los Sueños Marina, anglers are gearing up for some of the best fishing action of the year. With prime marlin fishing in full swing, and yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi making strong appearances, this month promises thrilling adventures both inshore and offshore.


Fishing Weather 🎣☀️


April at Los Sueños Marina brings warm temperatures and sunny skies. Onshore, temperatures consistently range from 85-90°F. Offshore, the Pacific waters are warm, calm, and flat, providing excellent conditions for fishing. While the mornings are generally clear, the afternoons may see brief rain showers, adding to the lush, tropical atmosphere.


Offshore Bites 🎣🐟


April is prime time for big-game fishing, with both blue and black marlin in abundance. Yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi are also prevalent, offering exciting opportunities for anglers. The vibrant Pacific waters off Costa Rica's coast are teeming with life, making it a playground for those seeking the thrill of landing large game fish.


Inshore Bites 🎣


Inshore waters are equally exciting, teeming with roosterfish, snapper, and jack crevalle. Roosterfish, known for their distinctive appearance and spirited fights, are a sought-after catch. Snapper and jack crevalle provide thrilling challenges and delicious rewards for those fishing closer to shore.


Fishing Highlights


Dream II: This boat had an exceptional month with 37 sailfish, 59 yellowfin tuna (7 released), and various other species including rainbow, jax, blue marlin, mahi mahi, cubera snapper, amberjack, yellowtail snapper, pipefish, and wahoo.

Los Sueños: Equally impressive, with notable catches including 121 yellowfin tuna (10 released), 31 sailfish, and 22 mahi mahi (18 released). Other catches included blue marlin, grouper, shark gata, amberjack, jack jurel, needlefish, mackerel, and wahoo.

Book Your Charter 📲📅


April offers exceptional fishing opportunities in Los Sueños. Whether you're targeting marlin offshore or roosterfish inshore, now is the perfect time to book your Dreamboats Costa Rica fishing adventure. Don't miss out on the chance to experience world-class sportfishing in one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. Contact us today to secure your spot and embark on the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Dream II

Rainbow: 7

Jax: 5

Sailfish: 37

Blue Marlin: 2

Mahi Mahi: 4

Yellowfin Tuna: 59 (7 released) (largest 98 pounds)

Cubera Snapper: 1 (largest 19 pounds)

Snapper: 2

Amberjack: 1

Yellowtail Snapper: 2

Pipefish: 1

Wahoo: 2

Los Sueños

Blue Marlin: 5

Yellowfin Tuna: 121 (10 released)

Mahi Mahi: 22 (18 released)

Grouper: 1

Shark Gata: 1

Amberjack: 1

Jack Jurel: 1

Sailfish: 31

Needlefish: 2

Mackerel: 4

Wahoo: 2

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